When It’s Time To Call Your Personal Divorce Coach


When It’s Time To Call Your Personal Divorce Coach

You pay your lawyer to prosecute or defend your case.  You pay a therapist to help you understand why your marriage failed.  But who helps you to look forward and prepare for the rest of your  life?  Who is there to guide you into this next phase?  The unknowns of what life looks like post-divorce can be paralyzing.  While your therapist helps you understand the past, your lawyer manages your case in the present, your Divorce Coach Strategist will help you prepare for the  future.

Your Divorce Coach Strategist will train you to think about planning for the next chapter of your life, and help you avoid repeating past mistakes.  Your Divorce Coach Strategist will help you design a plan to help you become financially and fiscally responsible, will help you learn how to interact with your ex-spouse neutrally, and will help you learn how to make yourself more emotionally attractive and open to new relationships.

Wouldn’t you like someone to tell you what you need to hear to end all the fighting and move forward with your life, not someone who simply “yeses” you all the time?  Wouldn’t you like someone to give you objective and independent opinion about the likelihood of your success (or failure) in court, strategies you can use to win your case, and the options realistically available to you?

A Divorce Coach Strategist is a professional, who is knowledgable about the litigation process and has the requisite experience to be your advisor …your behind-the-scenes coach… and your voice of reason.

Today, one out of two marriages ends in divorce.  It is common for people who are in the process of ending their marriages to feel anger, depression, rejection, abandonment, and a host of other unfamiliar and uncontrollable feelings.  A failed marriage can damage self-esteem and can lead to a sense of failure and helplessness.

While the actual process of legal separation or divorce is progressing, the impact of the divorce itself begins to wreck havoc on other areas of life, including:

  • The loss of your spouse is an emotional experience, even if you were the person seeking the divorce.
  • Financial separation is tedious and exhausting, and often places an unexpected burden on lifestyle.
  • Parenting morphs into co-parenting, shifting roles and responsibilities, and often redefines how you interact with your children.
  • Social interactions with friends and neighbors is often impacts, as friends, family and co-workers attempt to maintain dual relationships.
  • The psychological impact of divorce is perhaps the most challenging, as fears of loneliness, independence, separation and others begin to arise.

While handling the day-to-day stresses of life, along with the above additional stresses akin to divorce proceedings, many people going through divorce are also thrown into the unknowns of a court system that seems completely foreign.  Every day poses a new issue and new frustration, just when they are at their very lowest in emotional strength.  Studies have shown that many attorneys spend 22 – 40% of their billable time discussing the client’s emotional or psychological problems.  This leaves less time for the attorney to focus on the task of obtaining a successful outcome for the client AND increases the client’s fees.

Rather than burdening your attorney, you Divorce Coach Strategist can help you:

  • Work through the issues strategically, rather than emotionally
  • Manage your stress levels by setting forth expectations for the divorce process
  • Understand and anticipate each step of the process, so that you know what needs to be accomplished
  • Communicate your frustrations in a positive manner
  • Identify and creatively think about your options (being proactive instead of reactive)
  • Prepare yourself for post-divorce life by strategically planning for the future

A Divorce Coach Strategist works collaboratively with family law attorneys, clergy, therapists and counselors to help manage the inevitable stresses of divorce and make the process smoother.

If you would like to speak with Diane Danois to learn more about how divorce coaching can help you, please call Diane L. Danois, J.D. at (954) 850-1429 or email her at diane@dianedanois.com.  Diane earned her Juris Doctorate from Temple University School of Law, and is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator.   She has a practice in Coral Springs/Parkland, and serves all of Broward County and its surrounding areas.  Diane also offers her professional services nationally, using Skype and FaceBook to work with her clients.