Post-Divorce Mediation


Post-dissolution issues are sometimes even more stressful than getting the actual divorce.  If children are involved, issues often arise leading to need for modification of time-sharing, which may lead to modification of child support.  More often than not, co-parenting issues leading to a need for a parenting coordinator or guardian ad litem.   If you’ve already spent a small fortune getting divorced and now need assistance resolving a post-divorce issue, consider mediating your dispute in a non-adversarial and non-litigious process, where you can:

  • Design your own Mediated Settlement Agreement that works for both of you
  • Prepare and file all of the court-required documents under the supervision of a certified, trained mediator with expertise in family law issues
  • Pay-as-you-go!  Typically, lawyers require retainer fees in advance of performing any work on your case.  LSS mediators will mediate your case on an hourly basis

Mediation is generally the least costly, non-adversarial, method of obtaining
 a divorce with the assistance of one neutral facilitator. Mediators provide the
 parties with a safe atmosphere, professional leadership, and issue specific
 guidance focused on uncovering the pertinent divorce issues, and resolving them
 with less emotional turmoil and financial expense than litigation.  The end of a marriage and post-dissolution issues are often overwhelming, emotional, and sometimes paralyzing 
experiences. Worse, they can be financially debilitating, with long-term effects on your family unit.   Mediators can focus
 you on achieving your end-goals, without bankrupting you with legal costs and expenses.