Health & Medicine Errors

When tragedy strikes, how do you know if something went wrong?  How do you know if the wrong drug was prescribed or if your loved one didn’t receive proper care?  We have extensive experience evaluating complex cases involving complicated areas of healthcare, science, law and technology.  Below are just a few examples of the kinds of cases we’ve handled over the years:

  • Birth injuries, including serious brain injury
  • Delay in diagnosing breast cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer and skin cancer
  • Anoxic brain injuries from improper anesthesia care
  • Spinal cord injuries from negligent surgery
  • Negligent surgical procedures
  • Medical errors involving inadequate hospital policies and procedures
  • Errors in reading chest x-rays, CT scans and mammograms
  • Unnecessary orthopedic surgery on a teenage boy, leading to permanent disabilities
  • Failures to diagnose cardiac tamponade, operating room infections, bowel perforations and bowel obstructions, deep vein thrombosis, impending stroke, abdominal aortic aneurism and other medical conditions require timely and appropriate medical and surgical treatment.
  • Emergency Department errors