How Do We Deliver Our Services?

In addition to the traditional in-person meeting, Mediation and/or Strategic Consultation services are also available using many of the latest forms of technology, including, Skype or FaceTime.  While it may seem impersonal or unconventional to some, we have found that our clients appreciate the flexibility and convenience that mediation via webcam has to offer.
In today’s busy world, most of us are challenged with finding time to do the things we need to do during the day.  LSS recognizes that you have challenges all day long, from work responsibilities to activities for your family.  Therefore, we offer an alternative to allow you to focus on YOUR needs at various times of the day.  We will work with you to schedule mediation conferences at times that are convenient to your schedule, so that you can focus on your important issues, without worrying about being at the bus stop for pick up of children, or worrying that you will need to miss work to take care of your personal issues.  Contact Us for more information or to schedule your initial consultation.
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