Mediation Services

We strive to maintain competitive fees.  All charges are based on an hourly rate, with no extra charge for travel within a 40-mile area of Parkland/Coral Springs/Boca Raton, Florida.  If a mediation is continued, or significant pre or post mediation services are required, the parties will be advised and charged the regular hourly rate for time expended by the mediator to facilitate an attempted resolution of the matter.

  • Individuals Without Lawyers (pro se litigants), who seek mediation, the cost is $250 per hour (minimum two hours) to prepare the final Mediated Settlement Agreement. Should the parties wish for the mediator to also prepare the various court documents for filing (for example, Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, Financial Affidavit, Parenting Plan and Child Support Worksheet guidelines), there will be an additional flat fee of $1,200.  If the parties choose to prepare the documents themselves (with the exception of the Mediated Settlement Agreement), the mediator will gladly review those documents with the parties during the regular mediation sessions.  Some of these forms include the following:
  • Minimum Payment ($500) is to be made at the beginning of each mediation session and shall be divided equally by the parties, unless another arrangement has been made. Pro se parties (those who are not represented by a lawyer) who wish to make payments for time beyond the initial two hours or who would like to pay by credit card, should call Legal Strategy Services prior to the scheduled mediation to make necessary arrangements.
  • Cancellation Fee:  There is no cancellation fee if the parties notify LSS of cancellation prior to 48 hours before the scheduled mediation.  Cancellations less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled mediation session may incur a cancellation fee equal to the minimum fee charged for a session, or $500.00.