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  1. Cohabitation, the Termination of Alimony and Cell Phones
  2. Cohabitation and Alimony –  Do the Current Laws Make Sense? 
  3. Termination of Alimony:  Another Look at the Utility of Cell Tower Location Data

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Proving or defending a cohabitation claim for the purpose of affecting  alimony payments is a daunting and expensive task.  While the law in many states provides for termination or reduction of alimony when the recipient ex-spouse is cohabitating with a member of the opposite sex “in the manner of husband and wife, mutually assuming those rights and duties usually attendant upon the marriage relationship,” the unfortunate reality is that what demonstrates “cohabitation” remains ill-defined.

This gray definition of cohabitation creates an inequitable relationship, giving the recipient of alimony, who can can engage in “catch me if you can” relationships, a very powerful position.

Using cell tower location records is an effective and cost-efficient way to level the playing fields for both parties.   Legal Strategy Services Consultants can assist you and your attorney in the following ways:

  • Requesting requisite phone records from the appropriate cell phone carrier;
  • Review and conduct analysis of records consistent with Client’s direction;
  • Preparation of detailed, written report discussing the findings of the analysis; and
  • Liaison with Records Custodian and/or Engineer to prepare trial testimony.

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