What To Know Before You Hire An Attorney

There are so many things to consider when it comes to divorce, but before you do anything, here are some things to keep in mind before hiring an attorney. Five things you should know before you … [Read more...]

Proving Cohabitation to Terminate Alimony

Here’s the typical scenario:  You know your former spouse is living with a new lover. Your former spouse knows that in doing so, your alimony obligation is subject to reduction or termination.  But … [Read more...]

As Seen in the Huffington Post: A Novel Approach to the Prenuptial Agreement

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A Mediation Challenge: Should Divorcees Remain Co-Owners of Property?

Equitable Distribution is an art.  Equitable Distribution is a complicated art comprised of multi-faceted complexities unique to each divorce.  It should be approached with an eye towards fairness and … [Read more...]

When It’s Time to Mediate Your Divorce

You’ve probably already heard about all of the wonderful reasons why you should choose to mediate your divorce rather than choose to litigate … you’ll save money, you’ll salvage what’s left of your … [Read more...]

The Cost of Fighting Over Who Gets The Dining Room Table

As anyone who has ever gone through a break-up knows, whether it's with a spouse in divorce or significant other in a relationship, equitable distribution is anything but equal.  After you factor-in … [Read more...]

How To Prove Your Former Spouse is in a Supportive Relationship, and Terminate or Reduce Alimony Payments

Here’s the typical scenario:  You know she’s living with another man.  She knows she’s living with another man, and that in doing so, her alimony is at risk for reduction or termination.  But she also … [Read more...]

Common Errors and the Cost of Your Divorce

Common Errors Can Affect the Cost of Your Divorce Divorce is an industry unto itself, and has many constituents, including attorneys, judges, court administrators, counselors, therapists, mediators … [Read more...]

Litigation v. Mediation in Family Law – How Do You Choose?

Do-it-yourself divorces and pro se (representing yourself) litigants are on the rise, especially as the economy continues to put the squeeze on families financially and people simply cannot afford to … [Read more...]

Attention Florida Baby Boomers

Florida Baby Boomers pay attention!  Divorce rates are on the rise.  In 1990, 1 out of 10 marriages among people who were 50 or older divorced.  In 2009, that figure was 1 out of 4.  According to … [Read more...]