Parenting Wrong in the Best Interests of the Kids

Some of the greatest moms and dads I know are also some of the worst parents I’ve ever seen. The worst offenders of that greatest bunch are the divorced moms and dads, because while they’re trying so hard to be the better-liked parent, what’s really “in the best interests of the kids,” actually isn’t.

Parenting is hard, no doubt about it. We don’t need a license to become a parent, and we’re given no manuals to follow, no annual educational credits needed and certifications required to keep that parenting title. It just stays with us regardless of how good (or poor) we are at it. Interestingly, some states now require divorcing moms and dads to complete a parenting course, but that’s the subject of another article. Today, I want to focus on how to parent¬†wrong.

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