As Seen in the Huffington Post – She Was Told That She Was “Too Young For A Mammogram”

My client, Jennifer,* was 28 years old when she went to her gynecologist complaining of a strange, tiny pea-sized lump she felt in her breast.  “It’s probably nothing,” is what she was told by her gynecologist, who sealed her fate when he also said that she was “too young for a mammogram,” as he dismissed her from his office.  He failed to order a diagnostic mammogram or ultrasound.  He failed to refer her for a consultation with a breast surgeon.  He failed to impart the importance of self-breast examination and the potential that this wasn’t “nothing,” or something to be watched.    Two years later, she was diagnosed with an advanced stage of breast cancer.  At 30 years old, with a fiance and her entire life ahead of her, Jennifer began an aggressive course of chemotherapy and radiation.  While we were litigating her medical malpractice claim, she was enduring seemingly endless chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  While we were taking depositions, she was fighting for her life.  While the message of “early detection saves lives” was being spread by non-profit organizations during 5K Runs and 1-Mile Fun Walks all across the country, she was facing certain death.  Jennifer wasn’t afforded the opportunity for early detection.  Instead, that two-year delay resulted in Jennifer’s death just before her 34th birthday.

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