How to Support National Hazing Prevention Week and Make a Difference

We’re now in the midst of National Hazing Prevention Week (September 21 – 25, 2015). This is the big push when many anti-hazing organizations, fraternities and sororities are actively promoting various campaigns by writing articles, tweeting, posting Instagram images, and hosting webinars and events all geared towards gaining national awareness about this epidemic on our college campuses. How can you support these efforts?

You can do your part by adding your voice to the movement. End Hazing Now is circulating a Petition to end hazing and sexual violence on our college and university campuses. Among other things, the Petition requests the establishment of “an independent, truly confidential hotline so that incidents of hazing and sexual violence can be reported to university officials and law enforcement,” and that meaningful annual resources be committed “for mandatory anti-hazing and anti-sexual violence training and awareness programs on campus.” By signing the Petition, your voice will be heard by leaders and policy-makers, who are in a position to effect change. Your voice can help make college and university campuses safer environments. Your voice can make a difference.

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