The forms below are also available online at most Family Law Clerk of Courts.  This particular set of forms is from the Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Forms.

Approaching your dispute strategically is a more cost-effective method to achieve resolution.  It is only logical that spending  time thinking through each foreseeable (and even unforeseeable) step will help you maneuver through the litigation process with less stress and more success.  

As a litigant or an attorney, often you are in a constant mode of “putting out fires,” meaning that you are more reactive than proactive.  This is often a frustrating cycle because you are spending all of your time, efforts and money simply responding to the opposing side.   Too often, family law cases are litigated in a cookie-cutter fashion:  initiate lawsuit with general pleadings, serve various standard sets of discovery, subpoena financial and employment information, take depositions and schedule hearings or trial.  This is a time-consuming, arduous, tedious and exhausting process.  We have found that many of our clients benefit from streamlining the process using strategic techniques designed specifically for their case.   Our consultants evaluate each case as a unique, individual dispute and work with you to establish a specific plan-of-action to achieve your end-goals time-and-cost-efficiently.  It is now also customary that mediation plays a significant role in litigation, as many courts now require litigants to mediate their disputes (in whole or in part) before even entering the courtroom.

           Focus of Mediation:

  •   Identify issues & set goals of resolution
  •   Reconcile financial responsibilities for the family caretakers
  •   Mediate guardianship, custody & visitation agreements
  •   Modify agreements to reflect changes in family circumstances
  •   Explore options for evaluations, health care, social opportunities, etc
  •   Minimize the emotional impact of conflict among family members
  •   Heal & strengthen relationships within the family


Below are several forms and samples to help familiarize you with the process and paperwork utilized during the mediation process –