As Seen in the Huffington Post – Using a Cell Phone to Show That Your Former Spouse Is Cohabiting

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As Seen in the Huffington Post … Is Alimony Offensive to Today’s Modern Woman or Modern Man?

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As Seen in the Huffington Post – Termination of Alimony: Another Look at the Utility of Cell Tower Location Data

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As Seen in the Huffington Post – Cohabitation, the Termination of Alimony and Cell Phones

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Proving Cohabitation to Terminate Alimony

Here’s the typical scenario:  You know your former spouse is living with a new lover. Your former spouse knows that in doing so, your alimony obligation is subject to reduction or termination.  But … [Read more...]

The Termination Of Alimony

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How To Prove Your Former Spouse is in a Supportive Relationship, and Terminate or Reduce Alimony Payments

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Eliminating “He Said/She Said” in Cohabitation Cases Using Cell Tower Location Records

In family law, the ability to prove or disprove the whereabouts of a person many times becomes the centerpiece of proving the cohabitation element of a “supportive relationship” case.  While the law … [Read more...]