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Diane_Danois_2Diane Danois is an attorney representing individuals, who have been catastrophically injured in complex cases involving science, medicine and law.

For decades, Diane has represented women, who have suffered catastrophic injuries resulting from delays in diagnosis of cancerous conditions including breast, cervical, uterine, colon, rectal and lung cancers.  She concentrates her practice in the unique issues that arise for women who are fighting for their lives, while trying to support their families. She works tirelessly to assure that healthcare providers are held accountable for their negligence in an effort to assure higher quality healthcare for all women.  In October 1998, a jury returned a record-breaking $33.1 million award to a woman, who suffered a nine-month delay in diagnosis of breast cancer when her mammography report was erroneously filed before her doctor notified her of suspicious findings requiring immediate follow up.  Diane fought on behalf of a 27-year old woman who was told that a breast lump was “probably nothing.” She fought for a 31-year old woman who was told that she was “too young” to have breast cancer.  She fought for a 37-year old mother who complained of painful breast symptoms and was told that she probably had an “infection.”  All three women were diagnosed with late-stage terminal cancer, which should have been diagnosed earlier.   Their stories are all too common.  For these women and their families, Diane provided guidance, counselling and advocacy to help them with the many difficult decisions associated with their conditions.

A Personal Note

Diane is also a nationally-recognized lecturer and has authored numerous continuing legal education seminars regarding the use of technology and advanced medical analysis in creating demonstrative evidence to enhance settlement value. In addition to other community activities, Diane is also a former co-chair of the Komen Philadelphia Affiliate’s Race for the Cure event, former President of the Komen Philadelphia Affiliate Board of Directors, and former Board Member of the Susan G. Komen Miami/Fort Lauderdale Affiliate.  She is a mentor to young adults in Philadelphia, and supports many non-profit organizations.  She is also a member of the Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Associations and member of the Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Bar Associations.  An advocate of the need for a national Electronic Health Record and Personal Health Record, Diane is also a former member of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Task Force for Personal Health Records and Task Force for Electronic Health Records.  Diane earned her undergraduate Bachelor of Science degrees in Sociology and Criminal Justice at The George Washington University located in Washington, D.C.  She earned her Juris Doctorate degree from The James E. Beasley School of Law (formerly known as Temple Law School) located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

As an experienced trial attorney, certified family law mediator, qualified parenting coordinatorauthor and divorce coach, Diane Danois offers unique consultative strategic guidance and planning to her clients.  Trained in Family Law Mediation, Diane is experienced in helping those who seek to avoid the stress and expenses associated with traditional adversarial divorce.  Diane is an advisor, who can help you resolve your issues in an informed, relaxed manner, and will help you and your family move on with your lives.  As a Divorce Coach, Diane also brings her own personal experiences to this process and will help you focus not only on the emotional side of the issues, but on helping you find the appropriate resolution to your issues.  She has personally observed how divorce and post-divorce issues can destroy the family unit, and will work with you to avoid the many issues that can arise by dealing with them with insightful and practical suggestions on how resolve them.  MediationParenting Coordination and Divorce Coaching is a path to resolving personal disputes without the necessity of expensive litigation.  Diane employs Solution-Focused methodologies and believes there is a power and satisfaction which results from encouraging people to find equitable solutions to their own problems.  Diane prides herself on listening to the parties’ issues and working together to custom design and create solutions that are acceptable to both parties.

Diane also has experience and an expertise in obtaining and analyzing mobile Cell Tower Location phone records, identifying the specific location of an individual over significant periods of time, and creating demonstrative courtroom exhibits for use at trial.  These records have been used successfully by family lawyers in cohabitation/supportive relationship cases.  The courts have found that these objective records (complementary to traditional surveillance) are highly persuasive as scientific and incontrovertible.

Danois’ credentials include attorney, certified family law mediator, and qualified parenting coordinator. She publishes regularly on topics relating to divorce, mediation and litigation, and also provides commentary on issues relating to step parenting and co-parenting.

Diane Danois is the author of Cell Phones & Alimony,” which is available on iBookstore and Amazon.  She has also recently published, “Cohabitation and Alimony –  How to Prove Your Ex is Living With Someone Else” which is now available on iBooks and Amazon.

Diane Danois writes routinely for the Huffington Post! You can find her articles here.

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